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The Best Golfing App- No Download Required

October 10th, 2011 by amgolfmindcoach No comments »

Steve Jobs sadly passed recently and for many, a modern day genius had been lost. In a world where Ďsuccessí often parades under itís real name of mediocrity, Steve Jobs served as a reminder that Ďpersonal bestí isnít confined to the chosen few but is in fact available to all of us, all of the time. Steve wanted to be ‘his best’….you’d be hard pushed to choose anything more worthy

One of Steveís speeches has been sitting in my list of favourites from the time it was recorded (2005 ĖStanford address) such was the effect it had on me. If youíve not spent 15 minutes in the company of Steve Jobs, Iíd strongly encourage you to seek it out. If you want to go find it now no worries…Iíll wait for you.

So why did Steveís message, his personal story which I was never part of, connect with me?

Well, a confession is in order. At first it didnít!….It was a Ďniceí speech but then Youtube is full of those; Like I said, mediocrity masquerading as success makes up a big percentage of Youtubeís daily content.

It was many years before I actually Ďgot ití….

When was that? When it finally fitted into my own internal app…thatís when! Possibly the only app I use that Steve Jobs didnít create for me.

Itís an app we all have… app we often lose sight off , distratced by all the external tools at our disposal but one which can skyrocket your golf game and leave you in a space which will have the same effect on you as the Steve Jobs address speech had on me

Itís 100% portable….natural…..sustainable….free….comes with its own in- built source of motivation…requires no anti-virus software….is authentic and totally bespoke to you.

The only golfing app you actually need to build your game on, from the INSIDE-OUT…is WISDOM

Consider your best games…those performances where it Ďjust happenedí…. what ap was behind that?


Or the times you made a decision and everything turned out well, despite the apparent lack of intellectual evidence?


Maybe even the phone call you made, the person you met , the choices you followed which , on looking back….where pivotal in shaping your game. Choosing the club membership package, the equipment you chose, the coach you hired, the people you surrounded yourself with…..?


Steve Jobs states in his speech ĎYou canít join the dots going forward, you can only join them when you look backí.

Have you found yourself creating success in your own golf game and not knowing why itís happened? Maybe this sounds like you

ĎI played really well, I knew I was going to play well even before I hit the shots I did, it was my day but I canít quite put my finger on how or why that happenedí….have you had experiences just like that?

If you canít quite put your finger on it, maybe thatís because thereís something else at play….creating success and guiding you outside the frame we call Ďintellectí.

What if, just like Steve Jobs and the choices he made…..the internal guidance system already knows what you want and all you actually need to do is get out of your own way….turn down the Ďnoiseí created by all those external apps (Stats, Goal Setting. Reflection Notes, Positive Affirmations etc) and tune into the internal app that someone like Steve Jobs would have surely invented if it werenít for the fact it was already on the market…..and pretty damn perfect too!

The challenge for players is that the Ďconditionsí necessary for producing their personal best is counter-intuitive and presents a strange irony.

The performances which where EFFORTLESS….SIMPLE…..PRECISE…..INTUITIVE…..AUTHENTIC ,are for me, when a player is being guided by the internal app of wisdom. The player literally has turned down….(and sometimes off altogether) the external apps that theyíve been led to believe make the difference.

And what do most players do immediately AFTER a wonderful performance?

They go into analysis mode, get encouraged to write down reams of Ďreflection notesí, get back in touch with their Ďsmart goalsí, in the intellectual quest to reproduce it over and over again.

And that for me is the counter-intuitive nature of performance

As soon as you attempt to control what is in effect something which takes place OUTSIDE the intellectual reasoning….it becomes just as elusive as before.

Again, I know there is a huge body of evidence, opinion, science, data,….whatever label you wish to give it, that will point to the facts that excellence in any pursuit is more likely it you follow the steps which have been laid by others whoíve Ďgained successí before

I donít get that! If I followed the EXACT steps that Steve Jobs followed would I get his results….?

No! Because Iím not Steve Jobs. Iím me.. and every bit entitled to pursue my personal best as he was.

Iím also pretty sure, listening to his speech that whilst he may have used an array of external apps to help him with the content of his vision…..the real driver was the internal app of wisdom…..the one app that Steve Jobs didnít ever need to invent.

Iíd encourage you to listen to his speech….not as an exercise to take notes…..not as an exercise to be a clone of one of the giants of our generation….but to listen with nothing on your mind……to allow the words he speaks to wash over you…. the source of inspiration you feel is NOT coming from Steve Jobs….his wisdom is meeting you on your terms….INSIDE you.

If you sense the feelings you get are somewhat familiar….youíre spot on. They are the same feelings you experience when your personal best is close by.

By all means collect the array of external apps that are out there….they are a brilliant legacy left behind by Steve Jobs and his merry band of innovators and for that we are forever grateful for Steveís vision.

Your legacy is still being written…you want to be your personal best…..dial into the best app on the market.

In changing times….itís something that never goes out of date, requires no warranty and Iíve yet see anyone take it back and ask for a refund.

Enjoy the unique nature of being YOU… INNER WISDOM….An app Steve Jobs would have been thrilled to market.

Thank you Steve Jobs….a timely reminder that all we really need is closer than we first realised.

Stay Hungry…Stay Foolish.

Your best is yet to come.

Andy Share your stories of inner guidance.

Golf Facts

October 8th, 2011 by John Graham 12 comments »

Golf FactsGolf Facts. What are they? How many are there? These are questions I am constantly searching for. Golf Facts are the only things that teachers should be able to agree on. I certainly don’t claim to know what they are, how many there are but I think it will make for an interesting discussion.

Like any topic, there should be some things that are agreed upon by virtually everyone. Then there will be things that I’ve heard called as preferences. It’s usually these preferences that most teachers argue over.

This post will not be about the preferences. This will be about the facts. My goal is to list a few things that I consider as facts. Please feel free to add any or dispute my findings. Also accept the idea that if you (the reader) add a fact that it may get disputed by myself or someone else.

I don’t think the golf facts list is very long. At least the list that teachers can be using on a daily basis to help all golfers. So here goes.

Ball Flight - This is slowly starting to be accepted as a fact that the ball starts closer to the face than it does the path. For the most part, I just say it starts very near the face and curves if the face and path are different. Inside this is how draws and fades are created by the face and path relationship. Certainly, this all assumes centered contact. Which brings me to my next fact.

Gear Effect – The change in spin axis created when the ball is hit off the center of gravity of the club head. A fact that everyone should know and understand as it has a large influence on fact #1. Basically, a ball hit on the toe will shift the spin axis of the ball toward a draw and a ball struck on the heel toward a fade. That doesn’t mean all toe shots draw and all heel shots fade. It simply effects whatever spin axis was created by the face and path relationship and alters it in some amount in the respective direction.

Putts Break Downhill – The fact I have to actually write this down on “paper” is a little scary but here it is. Putts do not break toward mystical places or bodies of water. If they curve at all it is because they are rolling across a slope at a different angle than the slope is and the curve is always toward the downhill direction.

Honestly, this is pretty much what I have. As teachers and players, we all should be able to agree on these things. That they exist and we need to know and understand them.

Please add to this list. Remember. Just the Facts.


Here are some updates. One tweep felt that less than 70% shouldn’t be called close when it comes to initial starting direction. Fair enough. He also mentioned that gear effect is 3d which is also correct. Relative to the CoG hits lower than that will increase spin rates and above the CoG will decrease spin rates.

Steven Giuliano – Improvement Process to Lower Scores

September 29th, 2011 by John Graham 4 comments »

Steven Giuliano, from Melbourne, Australia, wrote a wonderful piece I wanted to share about using a process to lower scores. I thought it was excellent and wanted to share it hear. Steven has a great blog and I would highly recommend checking out his archives. You can find him at Thanks Steven for letting me share this.

“Hereís an article I wrote recently for Golf Infuzion Magazine on ĎStatistic Apps for Golfí

Letís look at the minimum stats you should be keeping:

- Driving Distance
- Driving Accuracy
- Greens in Regulation
- Scrambling
- Total Putts
- Putts Per G.I.R

Recently fellow golf professional and good friend of mine Derek Hooper from the Lake of Isles put together a very informative video on ĎThe Improvement Processí. In this video Derek explains the importance of establishing a plan for improvement with your coach, disussing the importance of keeping stats to track your progress.

So I thought Iíd share with you a simple statistical model I found on the AimPoint Technologies website. Itís designed to predict your score with 90% accuracy and help you to identify the keys stats and areas of your game you need to be focusing on. This can be a great help to you and your coach the next time you head to the range or for a lesson.

Iíve used this score predictor to track LET player Stacey Keating who Iíve been coaching for over 7 years now and the results have been spot on. By targeting three key areas of Staceyís putting from technique, green reading and the focus-band work she implemented with her mental game coach Jamie Glazier, she has reduced her putting stats from a 30.60 average for her first 31 rounds (see score predictor below) to 29.05 for her last 4 events (see score predictor below). More importantly Staceyís scoring has turned the corner, for her first 33 rounds this year Stacey had broken 70 eight times and in her last 14 rounds she has broken 70 four times.

It was quite clear that by using the ĎScore Predictorí putting was the key indicator of the potential improvement in Staceyís game.

Keeping stats is one thing, though knowing how to use them to improve key areas in your game is another. I think youíll soon realise what many of you already know, that gaining an extra 10-20 metres off the tee will have little to no bearing on your score. Vast improvement in iron play, specifically your ability to hit a higher percentage of solid shots, all round short game improvement especially your putting will ultimately allow you to lower your scores.

Of course thereís many scenarios when it comes to stats and how they can play out, but as Derek Hooper has mentioned in ĎThe Improvement Processí you need to establish a blue print and plan for improvement. Keeping a regular log of your stats and using the ĎScore Predictorí is a great way to get started.

Good golfing”

As a side note, this player has had 4 sub 70 rounds since 9/19/2011 the writing of this post. Her Stats are down about 1.5 shot per round and in her last 14 rounds sub 70 eight times and first 33 sub 70 4 times. Steven attributes part her success to Focusband and AimPoint Green Reading which were components of her putting improvement. Here’s a look at her improvement since AimPoint (click on picture to enlarge). Astonishing.

Steven Giuliano Student Stats

Please feel free to share this using the Facebook and Twitter buttons. Thanks for reading.

Golf Puzzle-Are You Missing A Piece?

September 21st, 2011 by amgolfmindcoach 2 comments »

Visit my home at any time (open invite right there!) and it highly likely youíll find my daughter Evie spending time attending to a jigsaw puzzle at various stages of its life… that just out the box and attending to those Ďstraight edges and cornersí first…deciding which block of Ďsimilar coloursí to start next ….or getting pre-occupied with one particularly elusive piece hiding amongst other Ďsimilarí pieces.

Sheíll pick up one, convinced Ďitís the oneí…..only to find that despite being close…doesnít quite fit. Iím sure if she could get away with it, sheíd file off a section and declare completion sooner than was actually true…and heaven forbid if I point out that elusive piece is sitting under the table (having been knocked off many days previously and hand it to her)…Evie would have me go to jail instantly, such is my interpretation of her facial expression!

So why is it that even though I point her in the direction of the missing piece….sheís still not best pleased itís a step closer to completing the puzzle?

ĎBecause Dad, I wanted to do it by myself….I donít want you finding pieces for me….may as well pack it up and start another one….Thanks a lot….NOTí

This has been the pattern of Evie +puzzles for as long as I can remember ,so rarely now do I point out the piece on the floor….or hand it to her(jail beckons remember)….but I have adopted the habit of secretly sliding it back onto the table when sheís not aware…positioning it amongst other pieces so not to draw attention to my exploits….after all, Iím totally aware that Evie wants to do it all by herself with no Ďobviousí help from me.

But in the world of being a parent…or coach…thereís always a way to help in Ďother waysí….isnít there?

Evie reports that collecting the OUTSIDE pieces first…. (straight edges and corners first) is an obvious starting point and easier to get her going. Very quickly sheís constructed the frame…now itís down to the real business of puzzles…finding the INSIDE pieces….knowing that some are more elusive and may take some time….guess thatís the challenge of completing any puzzle!

Right now Evieís choice of puzzle is one displaying ĎThe Simpsons Familyí with each piece made up of mini-pictures. From a distance it looks impossible, on closer inspection I can see she follows a strategy which involves the use of a magnifying glass for maximum scrutiny. Itís a puzzle sheís completed many times and Iíd hazard a guess, to date, itís her favourite puzzle.

ĎEvie, havenít you done that one before….isnít it easier 2nd or 9th time around?í

ĎI just enjoy doing it Dad….donít want my puzzles to be too easy after all!….and NO…I donít need your help!!í (and you can put down the magnifying glass too..)

ĎAnd donít even think about putting pieces in when Iím at school….Iíve counted them!í

The similarity with being Evieís Dad and her fixation with puzzles….and my role as coach with playerís golf games hasnít gone unnoticed.

Of course you may well be several steps ahead as to where this article is going ….how it relates to your role as coach….how it relates to how you play…but humour me a little while longer as I wander along.

Itís still my belief (AND A STRONG ONE AT THAT) that one of the main reasons why a playerís game stalls is simply down to working on the pieces which are easier to see (straight edges and corners) and failing to notice the piece that has slipped under the table.

Itís not that the piece is missing (or you have to go to a secret puzzle maker who will give you his magic piece) itís just that you arenít looking in that particular place for it. ĎGurusí apparently have an Aladdinís Cave of every piece known to man and for a small bag of gold pieces will share it with you!

Well….I donít have such pieces, but what I do have is something akin to one of those big comedy hands pointing in the direction of the underside of your table.

You have ALL THE PIECES with which to complete your golfing puzzle….you just need to look in a different place

So, weíre nearing the end of YET ANOTHER playing season here in the UK… Iím guessing thatís true of other areas of the world too…and Iím also guessing that for a lot of players itís been ANOTHER YEAR with a game that started out great (straight edges and corners showing up fast) only for the game to grind to a snailís pace when that stubborn, elusive piece didnít come into view.

If thatís you….maybe itís time to recognise that the easy , straight edges…donít require as much attention….and that the pieces that habitually slide out of view perhaps require more of your awareness.

Tough to complete any puzzle if you only focus on the outside!

By straight edges, I mean the obvious Ďexternalí guide you follow and use as a barometer of success (score, handicap, ball flight, swing positions) which are fine at forming a frame for your game….but thatís all they are….A FRAME.

Without the INSIDE pieces filled in, there will always be gaps.

And you can have the best frame in the world….until you recover that elusive piece(s) from off the floor, completion isnít any closer.

Donít let anyone convince you that you have pieces MISSING or LACKING…for me they have just been overlooked as youíve become a little too fixated on the straight edges.

I accept I share my world of elusive, inside pieces ( armed with Evieís magnifying glass and curiosity) with a world of outside straight edges and corners….and thatís fine.

Not everyone is aware of the piece thatís slid under the table, many are only interested in the obvious, visible components of golf game progression..I accept that.

But if youíre still reading this, Iím pretty sure you too have at least a passing interest in where Iím sitting.

Golf game progression appears to remain elusive for many players. If thatís you, Iím merely pointing to the idea that you may have inadvertently been caught in a trap whereby your personal puzzle is too heavily weighted towards the OUTSIDE….maybe itís time to glance under the table and realise the very piece you are after has always been there?

Iíll leave you with one last thought-

Mainstream coaching will try to convince you youíre not long enough…..straight enough…fit enough…..flexible enough……educated enough…..coached enough…..strong enough… maybe all you need is to become AWARE ENOUGH.

The piece you seek has always been there. If youíre unsure how to find the way to where it sits, I have a magnifying glass, comedy hand and enough awareness which you can share whenever you want.

Iíve just noticed a couple more pieces which fill find their way back to the table…Itís okay, Evie is at school and pretty sure her CCTV isnít running between 10 and 11am….

Guess I understand that when returning personal pieces….Iím always aware of whatís important to Evie and when itís a safe time to engage in puzzle piece collection.

If youíre convinced golf progression is all about the frame, itís not me you need. If you feel a few pieces have slipped under the radar and require a little help with the inside pieces of your puzzle…I promise not to put them in for you….Itís your puzzle, and besides, I donít want to go to jail!

Stay well…

Andy Morrison

Edel Putter Review

September 13th, 2011 by John Graham 1 comment »

John Graham's Edel Putter

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about Edel Golf and their putter line. I decided that it was time to give one a try. This post will talk about my experience and offer a review. So, let’s start from the beginning. A few years ago, I heard about Edel Golf during one of my many winter online research days. I had always heard good things about them but wasn’t in the market for one. Shortly after that, I got involved with AimPoint Technologies teaching players a more accurate way of reading greens. It was no surprise, that shortly after, Edel and AimPoint got together as they both had products around a similar niche. AimPoint would teach players where to aim and Edel would build a custom putter the player could actually aim.

A year or so goes by and I recommend Edel to a few of my players but I never took the plunge. I knew they were expensive like any high end putter and I wanted to be sure about a few things. With my extensive online network of connections, I start asking around about other coaches experiences with the fitting process and effectiveness of the product. Like anything, I heard both good and bad. Over the years, it has become clear to me that there really isn’t any consensus across the golf industry on anything. Even though I knew that, I waited and tried to gather more information before going to get fit. A couple of times, I seriously considered becoming a fitter and I think that is still a possibility I haven’t discounted completely. The main reason I decided not to become a fitter was simply my market.

During that time, I took a trip to Europe and was presented with an MLA Putter. I wrote a post about them here. I was very excited about this putter. I could aim it like nobody’s business. It had some features that I wasn’t happy with but I used it for a year with great success on putts 20 feet and in. I had a little harder time than normal on longer putts controlling the distance. It had a little softer feel than I was used to and the ball seemed to come off softer than my previous model. For me, that was a benefit on 15 and in putts as I tended to be a little firm with those. However, it hurt me on the longer putts.

June of 2011 comes around and I’m in Cape Cod running some AimPoint Green Reading Clinics with future certified instructor Jane Frost. She had recently also become an Edel fitter. I thought here was a great chance to get fit and see for myself how good the Edel Putter was. First, we did an extensive fitting. For those that aren’t familiar with the process it is an aim and distance focused fitting. It starts out with an aim check with your normal putter but I didn’t have my MLA to see so we started from scratch. I chose the most mallet like head they had. I was initially disappointed that they didn’t have any center shafted or face balanced putters as that’s what I’ve used for a very long time. From there we try a ’standard’ hosel and other things to see where I’m starting from. How it works is they have a hole sized hockey puck with a laser in it with a black screen behind. They place a ball between the laser and the fitting putter so the laser is blocked by the ball. All the fitting heads have a reflective face so when the ball is removed the reflection of the laser bounces off the putter face and shows up on the black screen behind the hole with the laser in it.

Edel Laser FittingMy first attempt was inside the left edge of the hole and a little high. Not to surprising. I thought I always had a bit of left aim issue and I tend to forward press a little just before the stroke. We fiddle and fiddle and my aim was pretty good with virtually everything we tried. It was inside the hole with every combination we tried. The thing that surprised me was the time it took me to aim certain designs over others. For me, Anser style was the hardest and most to the left. At the end of the day, I could aim them all but some I really had to grind over and I certainly wasn’t as confident with those designs. The one I ended up with, I could put it down and know it was good.

The whole first part, I was not allowed to line up the ball when doing my aim. I’ve read in many places that most people can’t actually aim the line on the ball so it wasn’t really worth it. I knew for sure that it helped me so I wanted to double check. I did a few tests were I was able to line up the ball first than my putter to the line. Not surprising, I was perfect with the line on the ball. I mean perfect. This made me feel much better because I had always searched for putters that I could square up with the line on the ball. That’s what made me say I could aim the MLA Putter so well because it was so easy to square to the line on the ball.

The second part was the distance fit. In all my research, I didn’t hear about this part. Basically, they set down a line about 15 feet away and ask you to roll 3 balls and try to stop them on the line. This was much harder than I thought it would be. We tried a bunch of combinations and our last one I got all 3 very, very close. It was interesting to see how the location and amount of weight changed my ability to control the distance of the ball. It turns out that this piece is the reason my Edel Putter has stayed in my bag. My touch has improved across all distances. It is amazing to see the difference. I still tend to be a little more firm than I would like on some of my 10 footers but my putts outside of 20 feet are consistently close. Certainly, some of this has to do with proper targeting thanks to AimPoint but not all. When you have the right target and you know it, your focus shifts to speed. With better control of my speed, I am making more 30+ foot putts. To me, that is a big deal.

The fit alone took an hour and a half and typically has a cost associated with it as well. It’s basically just like going to get a high end driver fitting. A little extra cost but a much better product at the end. As you can see on mine, you can also add personalized stamping to the head. Mine includes an AimPoint logo and my twitter hashtag.

I certainly recommend Edel based on my experience. They are pricey like a Cameron. About the cost of a new driver for the least expensive model (which is the one I have) but way more useful in my opinion. You also get a significantly better fit than with most Cameron’s. If you are serious about wanting to aim better, control pace better and shoot lower scores, give Edel a look.

If you know someone in the market for a new putter, please considering sharing this post with them. You can email them the link or share by using one of the social media buttons located at the bottom of the post.